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Welcome to beauty on a budget! As a 16 year old money is always a bit tight, but there are some great finds for beauty on a budget! Follow for hints, tips, favorites and reviews to help with all your beauty needs!

I have a little bit of a love hate relationship with this product, the elf lipstick. I love it because as you can see the colour is really really pretty (I thought it would look really good for winter) and its really pigmented. But it is a little bit of a nightmare because as soon as I twisted it up, it snapped which is just super annoying!!! It was pretty cheap though and I;m using a little brush to get it out, and I still do really like it. It has a very creamy texture, which unfortunately means it does not last very long but it still lasts like 3 hours at max, and they have such a good range of colours for it!

The “luscious liquid lipstick” from elf has to be one of the favorite products that I bought but I dont know why they call it a lipstick because its a lipgloss really… I bought it in the colour “raspberry” and think that it is really pigmented, its a pinky/red colour with a little bit of shimmer. The applicator for this is a little bit like a sponge, and it glides on really easily. It also has lasting power, and is quite sticky. This can be a disadvantage because it can be annoying but it will not smudge really, or slip from your lips.

Another product I got was the hypershine lipgloss in “bubblegum” from elf. I was quite disappointed with this product, and much prefer the plumping lip glosses that elf does, I think they are much better. This was a really thin, and liquidy gloss with hardly any pigmentation as you can see by the swatch on my arm. Aldo I dont like the applicator, I think because its a brush its a bit more difficult to control where as the plumping lip glosses have a really nice wand. However, it does, when put over lipstick, leave a nice shine on your lips and the colour selection online is really good even if it doesnt show up well on your lips!

Another item I bought from elf were the plumping lip glazes. My friend had been raving about these (she is a big fan of the topshop lip glazes and thought these were an even cheaper dupe). I do understand why she was raving about them because they are pretty good, they just arent exactly my cup of tea. I bought two colours, “Pretty Plum” which I thought would be perfect for winter. It is a mauve/purple/brown colour with a nice hint of shimmer. And I also bought “Wink Pink” just because I really like pink lip gloss, this is a bright, barbie pink. Each lipgloss has two sides, a weird white side which you put on first and then the coloured side which you layer on top. As you can see from the swatch on my wrist, the colours arent very pigmented, which I wasnt too annoyed about though because l think very pigmented lipgloss can look a bit gross on me… What I did like is that the lipgloss has menthol in it I think, and it makes your lips go all tingly. The lipglosses do leave a nice shine as well, but i think they are best worn over lipstick to give it a nice shine and shimmer. 

So another review from my elf haul, this is the colour tint lip pen in the colour “nude nectar”. I really wasnt impressed with this to be honest, maybe it was the colour I chose, but it really is not pigmented at all (the swatch on my arm is about 4 layers of it!) and it does not change the colour of your lips either. I also found it to be very drying as well, and it is horrible to apply because the pen is really scratchy! This was still pretty cheap (as is evrything else by elf) but I thought it would be a lot better. I  have previously tried the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip tint and found this really good because it was very pigmented and it came with a balm as well to prevent drying and to give it a glossy finish, but I was very disappointed with this. 

Another product i got from elf was the duo cream eyeshadow in “mocha”. I think this is actually really good, I have quite oily skin so am not a huge fan of cream eyeshadows but this one has a really nice texture, and stays on for about 6 hours (on my skin anyway). The shades in this are also really pretty (I adore brown colours) and as you can see from the swatches on my arm they are really pigmented and have a nice bit of shimmer in them! These were only £1.50 and I really like them, and would seriously recommend them because they’re pretty fab! 

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